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Karl W. Koch III is perhaps the most recognized name in the Steel Construction Industry. His career spans over 40 years during which he has been actively engaged in heavy steel construction, bridge building, and bridge repair work.

He is the author of Men of Steel: The Story of the Family That Built the World Trade Center.  

Karl Koch Steel Consulting, Inc. (KKSCI) is now the premier resource for highly competitive structural steel estimating, management oversight services for general contractors, and state-of-the-art demolition procedures for bridge and building reconstruction and development projects.

KKSCI has enjoyed unparalled success in its estimating efforts. KKSCI has successfully bid and contractors represented have been awarded over $800,000,000.00 in bridge rehabilitation contracts in the New York Metropolitan area alone. Over $150,000,000 in "extras" were awarded to two clients KKSCI helped position.

In many instances KKSCI has continued on projects as a field consultant regarding steel detailing and construction procedures especially concerned with sheilding, work platforms, and specialized equipment. KKSCI maintains strong ties with industry specialist.

Karl Koch's steel consulting services emanated from his earlier position as owner, officer, and director of Karl Koch Erecting Company of Carteret, New Jersey which completed major high profile contracts including the World Trade Center, Giant Stadium and the rebuilding of Yankee Stadium.

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